Top 10 Spring/Summer makeup products

Top 10 Spring/Summer Makeup Products

It looks and feels like we are finally in Spring and that Summer is right around the corner!  This year’s winter was pretty intense and harsh and as much as I enjoy dark lips and warm lattes, I became really tired of the constant bundling up and winter boots.

That aside, here are my top 10 Spring/Summer makeup products:

1. Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipstick in RS 320

A beautiful intense orchid color that is hydrating and smooth. It’s a very easy wearing lipstick that doesn’t need a lip liner and when it feeds off the lips it leaves a pretty stain. The packaging is nice and simple with just the brand name on it. If your looking for a lipstick to add to your spring or summer routine, I highly recommend this one as its a color that can be worn with mostly every eye makeup and every skin tone. However, it is more of a cooler tone color, more in the pink and blue tone family. And it doesn’t hurt that this color is the official color of year by pantone!

2. MAC’s Lipglass in Riviera Life

Orange lips are in for this season and what a better and easy to rock the color than in a lip gloss form? I love wearing orange lipsticks/glosses on my lips but I find that most orange colors are too warm for my skin tone. I’m still looking for the perfect vibrant neon orange lipstick. But till then, this lipglass from MAC is filling in the gap. A bit of a sticky texture but nothing unbearable and the pigmentation for a lip gloss is pretty good. Though this was a limited edition product from MAC, L’oreal’s HIP shine Struck Lipcolor in Precarious is an exact dupe.

3. The Body Shop Bronzing powder in shad fair matte #2

Never did I thought I would have and use a bronzer, and even put it in my top 10 makeup list. I never liked the idea of a bronzer and this had to do mostly because of my fair skin tone and I already have prominent cheek bones, so I didn’t see the need for it. But things changed! I began looking for some cool tone bronzers, and let me tell you- I looked! But there was nothing, not event at Sephora. With some online searches and a random stop at the Body Shop, I got this bronzer in less then 10 minutes. It’s not dark or muddy, its a neutral tone that is more on the cooler tone. When using it you don’t have to be overly careful, very easy to use and blend. It can be used as a contour or a overall bronzing product. For anyone who wants to use a bronzer but might be turned off from the muddy look it can create or can’t find a shade for your pale skin, I highly recommend this.

4. NARS Blush in Orgasm

I don’t think I need to say much, the name is self-explanatory. A cult favorite, this blush gives off a peachy pink  color on pale skins and for darker skins it can be a great highlighter. By the indent and pan showing, its obvious I love this blush.

5. Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow in shade Lemon Sugar H12

A cream eyeshadow that doesn’t crease and is long lasting. It’s very easy to use and it’s great for days your rushing to get ready or just want a simple eye makeup. I usually put this eyeshadow on then some black mascara and I m done. The color really open ups your eyes and gives you a wide awake look. I pair the eye makeup with any bright lipstick in the pink family.

6. MAC Eyeshadow in Beautiful Iris (Veluxe Pearl finish)

Love love this colour, especially on brown eyes. The picture doesn’t do it justice but if your ever at the MAC counter, give it a look. A light lavender colour that is buildable, it’s such a easy and beautiful colour to pop on the lids with some mascara and then head out.

7. MAC Eyeshadow in Gleam (Lustre finish)

A peach, pink, gold eyeshadow combination that is perfect for this season. This eyeshadow matches well with the Shiseido lipstick, or MAC’s Girl Around Town lipstick. Even though it’s a lustre finish I don’t have much fall out, I can even say none. This is also a easy eyeshadow to wear but you can also build many eyeshadow looks with it- same goes for Beautiful Iris.

8. NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Palladium

Great colour to use to tune in with the beach season. I mostly put the color under my lower lash line and then go over it with a similar blue eyeshadow. This gives a beautiful pop to my eye makeup and makes my brown eyes stand out. There are many brands that have a similar colour eye pencil, Urban Decay for example has amazing ones that are great quality.

9. Davidoff Cool Water Perfume.

I m not great at describing scents but I m going to give it a go 😉 This has a fresh smell that doesn’t smell like grass or cleaning products. It has a hint of citrus to it. It’s a easy scent that isn’t overwhelming and every time I have worn it I have gotten complements about it- a sure sign that its a good perfume! To describe this better, here is its official description:

“This refreshing fragrance perfectly blends the fresh, outdoorsy scents of citrus, pineapple and woody notes with the invigorating smell of ocean air.”

10. Essie Nail Polish in Bikini So Tenny

A light pale blue colour that is on the cooler side. Every time I can’t decided what nail polish to wear, I always turn to this one. A beautiful color with great payoff, longevity and quality. I put this on both my hand nails and toes and love it for this season. I find that this color goes with everything and makes an outfit even more interesting. A must have for any nail polish lover!

I hope you enjoyed my top 10 Spring/Summer beauty products! Let me know what are your favorite products and if you have used any products that I mentioned, and your thoughts about them.

Chat soon! 

Top 10 Spring/Summer Makeup Products

From left to right: Shiseido lipstick RS 320, MAC Lipglass in Riviera Life, MAC Gleam, MAC Beautiful Iris, Shiseido Lemon Sugar, Nars Orgasm, Body Shop bronzer 02 fair matte, Nars Palladium shadow pencil. *Not included in this is DavidOff perfume and Essie nail polish
From left to right:
Shiseido lipstick RS 320, MAC Lipglass in Riviera Life, MAC Gleam, MAC Beautiful Iris, Shiseido Lemon Sugar, Nars Orgasm, Body Shop bronzer 02 fair matte, Nars Palladium shadow pencil. *Not included in this is DavidOff perfume and Essie nail polish
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