Favorite Lip Combo

Recently I have been drawn to a lip combo that I wear almost everyday. It is in the berry-plum colour family which I always turn to in the Fall/Winter season. And it includes something that is very unusual for me- a lipgloss!

lip combo

I first put on MAC’s pro longwear lip pencil in Fashion Boost, then I top it off with NARS lipgloss in Strawberry Fields. On the cheeks I have been wearing MAC’s Vintage Grape blush Ombre. Unfortunately, all of these 3 items were from limited edition collections, but the MAC items get re-promoted many times so getting your hands on one of them is easier. I don’t know about the NARS lipgloss, they have even changed the formula and packaging so we will see if it pops up again with a collection.

What I love about this lip combo is how bright it is and how the lipgloss is so pigmented. I’m not a fan of lipglosses because they don’t last long, are sticky and they aren’t pigmented like lipsticks. However, this NARS gloss is amazing- it is super pigmented. I put the lip liner underneath to make sure the gloss doesn’t fade out uneven and that a stain is left on my lips when the gloss is gone.

Here are some swatches:

lip combo
From top is the MAC blush, MAC lip pencil, NARS lipgloss

lip combo

I guess this combo can also be considered part of my January beauty favorites, though I didn’t have enough favorites to dedicate a blog post about them. We will have to wait till end of February to see what happens.

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