Project Finish!

I wouldn’t say I have a big makeup collection -I actually dislike the idea of collecting makeup and thinking of it as investment because it isn’t! It’s just consumerism! But I do like the idea and enjoy greatly finishing products 🙂

So I have set myself  a goal of finishing 8 products by January 1st 2015. I use these products often and enjoy them but with the many lipsticks and eye shadows I have, I keep putting them aside and forget to use them more. The reason I want to completely finish them is to have a conclusion with them- since they are almost done I want them to be finished and taken out so I can focus on my other products and also include new products.

Finishing products for the sake of finishing is not the plan here. I don’t see the reason to buy so many makeup items and then having to force ourselves to use it, like the project pan. We should use our items with love and enjoy them. Not being on a constant schedule to finish items. The rant aside-here are the items:

image (18)


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BareMinerals Eyeshadows

BareMinerals eyeshadows! Creamy, soft, pigmented textures-their quality is outstanding. Everytime I use these eyeshadows, I get so excited because not only are their colours unique and beautiful but it is truly a pleasure putting them on as they have no fall out and go on true to pan colour. 

My love affair started with the limited edition holiday plate called ‘ The Playlist’ and recently I bought three more eyeshadows compounds. These are all in the permanent range so you can get your hands on them easily. There is “The A List’, ‘The Rare Find’ and a duo called ‘The Vision’.
From Nars, Mac, Lancome, and all other high brands eyeshadows I have and have used, BareMinerals hands down wins in quality and colour. The packaging is sleek and simple, which I don’t mind at all- it actually reminds me of Nars packaging, very similar.
I do have to point out that their colours are not overly vibrant- meaning that they are soft colours and won’t be vibrant on the lids (like how the Electric plate from Urban Decay is).
Clockwise from left to right: The Rare Find, The A List, The Vision
Clockwise from left to right:
The Rare Find, The A List, The Vision

Top 10 Spring/Summer makeup products

Top 10 Spring/Summer Makeup Products

It looks and feels like we are finally in Spring and that Summer is right around the corner!  This year’s winter was pretty intense and harsh and as much as I enjoy dark lips and warm lattes, I became really tired of the constant bundling up and winter boots.

That aside, here are my top 10 Spring/Summer makeup products:

1. Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipstick in RS 320

A beautiful intense orchid color that is hydrating and smooth. It’s a very easy wearing lipstick that doesn’t need a lip liner and when it feeds off the lips it leaves a pretty stain. The packaging is nice and simple with just the brand name on it. If your looking for a lipstick to add to your spring or summer routine, I highly recommend this one as its a color that can be worn with mostly every eye makeup and every skin tone. However, it is more of a cooler tone color, more in the pink and blue tone family. And it doesn’t hurt that this color is the official color of year by pantone!

2. MAC’s Lipglass in Riviera Life

Orange lips are in for this season and what a better and easy to rock the color than in a lip gloss form? I love wearing orange lipsticks/glosses on my lips but I find that most orange colors are too warm for my skin tone. I’m still looking for the perfect vibrant neon orange lipstick. But till then, this lipglass from MAC is filling in the gap. A bit of a sticky texture but nothing unbearable and the pigmentation for a lip gloss is pretty good. Though this was a limited edition product from MAC, L’oreal’s HIP shine Struck Lipcolor in Precarious is an exact dupe.

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Hello friends!

Welcome to Euphoria 🙂

The purpose of this blog is to share with you my thoughts on all things beauty, along with fashion and some random stuff such as books and music.

The online beauty community fascinates me because it has brought together people from all around the world to share with each other their passions and hobbies. Trying to run away from our busy days and life situations, we can tap into a superficial world for a bit knowing that there are people that understand you and share the same desire.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to us connecting and sharing with each other our insights.

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