Beauty Favorites 2014

This year has blown by, and I can’t grasp how fast the year has ended. So much happened in 2014, a mixture of bad experiences, amazing travels, self-awareness, understanding and growth moments and overall a great learning year. Along with person growth, my interest in beauty and makeup grew as well and that led me to find some awesome products. Here are my favorite beauty products of 2014:

2014 Fav.


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October 2014 Favourites

October favorites! I enjoyed October a lot, even though the month was a roller coaster of emotions because of variety of events. The month didn’t go by fast which is a relief- I have a feeling November is gonna go super fast!

There were a few things that I used a lot over the last month and truly enjoyed.

Oct.2014 Favourites

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Project Finish!

I wouldn’t say I have a big makeup collection -I actually dislike the idea of collecting makeup and thinking of it as investment because it isn’t! It’s just consumerism! But I do like the idea and enjoy greatly finishing products 🙂

So I have set myself  a goal of finishing 8 products by January 1st 2015. I use these products often and enjoy them but with the many lipsticks and eye shadows I have, I keep putting them aside and forget to use them more. The reason I want to completely finish them is to have a conclusion with them- since they are almost done I want them to be finished and taken out so I can focus on my other products and also include new products.

Finishing products for the sake of finishing is not the plan here. I don’t see the reason to buy so many makeup items and then having to force ourselves to use it, like the project pan. We should use our items with love and enjoy them. Not being on a constant schedule to finish items. The rant aside-here are the items:

image (18)


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