Brother of Sleep: A Novel

I finished this book at the end September and it took me a while to finish- mostly because I was travelling a lot and didn’t have to much time to read. Also, because I didn’t want to finish it. I don’t know where to start of, there is no way to describe this book and do it justice. One of the most amazing books I have read, it holds a special place in my heart and I know that in the future I will pick it up again and re-read it. But this is not a normal book- quite different from majority of book styles.

Brother of Sleep by Robert Schneider

I found this at a book fair at my University and bought it for $2 and its a hardcover book- and honestly I bought it on wimp and didn’t do much research on it. One of my best decisions 😉 The story follows the life of Elias Adler who is a magnificent musician but nobody realizes it and nor does he know the value of his skills. He has the power to hear all sounds around him, from a persons heartbeat, the sounds of the nature and everything else you can image. The story does not have a happy ending per say, but then again it depends on personal views. The writing style is unique and quit magical! A original work, and you will be transported to the world of Elias which is quite different and a challenge. The story starts with his birth, his childhood and growing up, his relations with his family, the dynamics of the village he lives in and his unlimited lover for Elsbeth.

A five star book- and I loved it. I really want to read other books of Schneider but I haven’t found any so far.

I actually have a book list and have put myself on a ‘no buy’ on books until I finish 4 books! A post on the will be coming by soon.

Have you heard of this book before? There is a movie of it too! What are you reading right now?

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