BareMinerals Eyeshadows

BareMinerals eyeshadows! Creamy, soft, pigmented textures-their quality is outstanding. Everytime I use these eyeshadows, I get so excited because not only are their colours unique and beautiful but it is truly a pleasure putting them on as they have no fall out and go on true to pan colour. 

My love affair started with the limited edition holiday plate called ‘ The Playlist’ and recently I bought three more eyeshadows compounds. These are all in the permanent range so you can get your hands on them easily. There is “The A List’, ‘The Rare Find’ and a duo called ‘The Vision’.
From Nars, Mac, Lancome, and all other high brands eyeshadows I have and have used, BareMinerals hands down wins in quality and colour. The packaging is sleek and simple, which I don’t mind at all- it actually reminds me of Nars packaging, very similar.
I do have to point out that their colours are not overly vibrant- meaning that they are soft colours and won’t be vibrant on the lids (like how the Electric plate from Urban Decay is).
Clockwise from left to right: The Rare Find, The A List, The Vision
Clockwise from left to right:
The Rare Find, The A List, The Vision

Book Review: The Gifts of Imperfection

Today’s post is about a book that I have read recently and greatly enjoyed. The timing of me reading this book was well placed as I was in a state of self reflection. This books falls under the category of ‘inspiration’ and ‘self-help’ and its a simple but deep book about letting go of the perfectionist ideology we hold onto our selves.

“The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Suppose to Be and Embrace Who You Are” by Brene Brown was a quick read but a very deep and insightful one. What I loved about this book was that it helped me realize that I have been too hard on myself and have created a unrealistic and harmful standard which I have to always maintain. While reading, I began to de-construct all the walls and limitations I had established mentally and emotionally and helped me realize to appreciate myself and my life (the good and bad times).

Self-appreciation is important and I think it is a process that everyone deals with as we are not always aware of our merits nor do we appreciate our selves enough- always putting ourselves in the category of ‘not enough- need improvement’. This book changed that, though self-appreciation is a life time journey and changes depending on life events, its never to early to start the journey.

So for any book lover, I highly recommend this!

Book pic 1